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Content Producer

Nice to meet you!

I've been working behind the camera, in front of the camera, in the editing room, with graphic designers, production houses, VFX artists, sound artists, audio engineers software developers and designers for 5+ years, encouraging creativity and art direction in atmospheres of equality and progress.


Nothing worth having comes easy. That’s why I welcome the struggle and no matter what I try to accomplish, I always give 100%. Unless I give 80%. But what’s 20% really?


When it comes to obtaining and keeping your customers attention, originality is key. Thinking outside the box is important. Trust me. You don’t want to be another flavorless boring vanilla ice cream. You almost want to be too original. Looking at you Häagen-Dazs Vodka Key Lime Pie flavored ice cream.


Takin’ chances while we dancin’ in the party fo’ sho’. Slip my hoe a forty-fo’ and she got in the back do’. Bitches lookin’ at me strange but you know I don’t care. Step up in this motherfucker just a-swangin my hair.


The relationship with my clients is one the most important things to me. I have nothing but respect for a client who is willing to trust me with the success of his/her business. Except for you Mike. You suck.


Work is great yes. But life isn’t all about work. I keep all my collaborations fun, light and enjoyable by trying to be a decent human being and treat others with respect. I know, right? It’s like I cracked the code.


How awesome is this word honestly? It belongs here because I continually deliver quality product and services so yeah. Quintessential“ism” stays.