Alicja Burek

Founder + President
With experience as a model, brand ambassador, coach, and teacher, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise in modeling, mentoring & event management.

Alicja is a founder and president of Alicja Events Ltd. since 2012.

Beginning a modeling career in 2008 gave her the exposure to various industries, events, and functions that ignited her passion for her career today. Working as a model, brand ambassador and sales rep for many years definitely helped her to understand the fashion and hospitality industry, people’s needs and behaviors better. It was a huge advantage that set her apart from the competition. Moreover, coming from a European background gave her a different creative edge and perspective that can be noticed in everything the company does from client’s communication to aesthetic production and execution.

Alicja often refers the company to an Event Concierge that takes care of all event production and marketing needs. Over few short years it has grown into one single production with 3 main divisions: Alicja Events, Alicja Models and Talents and Alicja Travel.

Alicja’s first event, that she has produced, was a fundraiser for her brother, who lost his house, belongings, and business in a fire. The grief and hopelessness were unbearable. Through shear ingenuity yet without much experience, she decided to organize a fundraiser with a fashion show, live auction, and raffle in order to collect funds for him and his wife. The event was a great success! They were able to raise $6,000.00 that evening. 

On that night, she realized that everything is possible if you believe in an idea and work hard to achieve it. The feedback from attendees pushed her even harder to create more unforgettable events and experiences.

Favourites: matcha latte, travel,  new cultures and cuisines, good music

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